Get The Ultimate DFY System That Repurposes

One Piece Of Content 85+ Ways!

Create MORE Content, On MORE Platforms In Less Time - You Don't Even Have To Do It Yourself!

Use Our Systems To Automate It All!

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This isn't a one-and-done template.

It helps you take one piece of Relevant content & Turn That Into traffic for an Entire month.

This collection of 12 systems lets you either follow along (so you don’t miss a step) or simply give to someone and have them do it all for you. 


Everything is there, from blog post creation, SEO optimization and publishing, to turning it into videos, emails, social snippets and more. 

You name it and this system will have it outlined for you so you can get perfect results every time. 


If you’re managing content for clients (or plan to), you can use this to have freelancers from fiverr or upwork do it for a fraction of what you’re charging.  

You’ll get perfect results every time using the ‘McDonalds Systemization’ approach with everything broken down and easy to use. 


I just wanted to welcome you to Power My Content and personally congratulate you on taking action today!  You’ve done a fantastic thing, getting your hands on this bundle and I know you’re really excited to get started…


However, I want to give you the ability to use this content you’ve got now in a lot more clever ways that our most successful members are using to see more traffic and happier clients – and of course, bigger pay checks! 

– Cindy Donovan

DFY Content Gets You Started But…

Unique, Highly Relevant Content Takes Time

Using the posts you have gets traffic started, but to really ramp it up you need more RELEVANT pieces. 

There’s no question that you have it in you to create awesome videos, blogs, podcasts, and other amazing content to share with the world if you want to really make it in social media. 


But making sure it gets done on time, without overwhelming your schedule, and for every different platform without using boring, recycled content is challenging … but not anymore.

The lifespan of a social post is Crazy Short!

5 Hours

21 Hours

24 Hours

Practically Instant

Unless it goes viral

You don’t have to let your content die, when one post does. Using our content strategy you can make your posts last all month and beyond … but you’ve gotta do it right. 

Imagine For A Minute You Have:

  • Ready-to-delegate and fully customizable templates to create your first or next piece of content, without having to do ANY of the busy work yourself!
  • Step-by-step workflows with task templates to create a bank of recyclable but fresh content to re-post on all social media platforms, all designed to keep you organized and on track.
  • Growing your audience by posting relevant, meaningful content that is on brand and on topic without the headache of reteaching and retraining every time!
  • Saving time and money by creating just ONE piece of content and having an entire month’s worth of ready-to-post content – yes… just *🫰*  like that.

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